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Friday, April 19, 2019

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Why Do I Believe In Sunday School?
It is All About People

Todd Panter 

For me it all started many years ago in a small church. I was teaching a men's Sunday school class when our pastor had a Sunday school evangelist come to the church. He preached a message on the principals of Sunday school and taught where these principals were found in Scripture. He also spent a couple of days teaching us some very practical steps to implement these truths. God really got a hold of my heart that day and lit a fire that has only grown stronger as the years have passed. The next week I began to pray and put into place these things I had learned. I was very passionate and excited and the Lord honored these principals and in the next six months our class tripled!

One statistic that is cemented in my mind is how important a role the Sunday school organization plays in the salvation of the lost. One out of every two people enrolled in Sunday school will eventually be saved, as opposed to one out of every three hundred not enrolled. Doesn't this tell us where the emphasis should be? Sunday school used to be the evangelistic arm of the church, and when it was, the church was growing faster than it ever had.

The first and most important thing I have learned through the years is that it is all about people. It seems to me that people were important to Jesus. A quote I have seen in many places--- and respect so much I have it hanging on my wall--- "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. (Author unknown)," is so true. Simply placing someone on a Sunday school roll does not change anything at all. A teacher needs to take on the role of a shepherd over his class by keeping up with class members and seeing them outside of church. E-mail is a great way to communicate with everyone at once. Phone calls and cards are good tools and should also be used, but nothing beats a personal touch. A teacher will quickly find that his class members will be willing to share more deeply about their lives, because a personal visit shows a deeper level of caring. I'll take a teacher that is okay in the classroom but really cares about his students, over the teacher who has excellent teaching skills but never sees his students any time but on Sunday mornings, any day.

Author: Todd Panter